Happy Moments

West Bay SunsetA friend of  mine went on some sort of CPD course for work a couple of years ago.  She came back at the end of the day and told us that the basic premise was a ‘slow down and smell the flowers’ type message.  The group had to sit in a circle and recount to each other a ‘Golden Moment’ that they had recently experienced.  It didn’t have to be winning the Nobel Prize or publishing a novel, it could be the sight of a perfect sunset on the way home from work or sinking into clean sheets after a day of cleaning the house.  As the course members left at the end of the day they were encouraged to find at least one Golden Moment to be thankful for every day.  As we heard all about this over a bottle of wine that evening we all guffawed with laughter at the new ageiness of it but, actually, the message behind it has stuck with me and I have tried – sporadically – to practice it and encourage the Teen and the Tween to do the same.  We don’t always manage and sometimes weeks can go past without a GM being acknowledged in the DD household.  SO…this page is a reminder to myself and my brood that even when everything seems to being going to crapola there is always something to be thankful for (I almost feel the need the shout hallelujah).   A small house keeping point, I have taken to calling them Happy Moments as the Golden aspect sounded a b it soft porn-ish.  Much as I want traffic to my blog I don’t really want the 50 shades brigade.  If you are reading this page and see that I haven’t added a Happy Moment for a while please feel free to send me a boot up the bottom comment!

23/2/2105 – Mug of tea and Blue Peter with the Teen and the Tween – bliss.

24/2/2015 – Laughing with a friend because we had to use the torch on her phone to be able to read the menu. The  ( much younger) waitress did not see the funny side!

27/2/2015 – Flinging open the back door to the garden this morning  to let in the first Spring sunshine.

12/3/2015 – Blossom!

20/3/2015 – First glass of wine after a dry week. Yum.

5/4/2015 – 1 hr and 13 mins chatting on the phone to a dear friend.

29/4/2015 – IMG_2278[1] Look who we met on our dog walk today!

22/5/2015 – Collecting a tired but happy Tween from school after a week long residential trip.

 Perfect Blogging Conditions 21/6/2015 – Perfect blogging conditions!


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