About Me

Forty something divorced single mother of a two teens with a grumpy spaniel thrown into the mix.   I’m blogging to remind myself and others like me that divorce and single parenthood are NOT the end of the world!  A bit more info about the DD household:




Before having children I had a happy career in TV production.  Since having children I have been an aspiring yummy mummy, a reluctant single mummy, an ever hopeful entrepreneur and a freelancer in a variety of roles.  I have lived in ten different towns and cities in the UK and moved house 27 times.  Live is anything but dull…




Teen 1 

Feisty seventeen year old with a big heart, sensible head and a penchant for slamming doors.  Teen 1 love her friends, her car, music and Netflix.  She has met her unusual upbringing (many houses, many schools) with enthusiasm and stoicism and has a great gift of always looking forward, never back.

Teen 2 

14 years old and navigating the treacherous waters of early teenhood.  Teen 2 is all about Blue Peter one day and Love Island the next.  She wants to be Zoella when she grows up and is addicted to You Tube.  She loves gymnastics and ballet, and bakes the best cakes in the house.

The Spaniel (Harry)

He rules the roost and we can’t imagine life without him.  Faithful, loving, slightly neurotic and quite smelly a lot of the time.





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