Conversations With My Teen. #Food

You’re hungry?  OK, well dinner is ready in about an hour so have a snack to keep you going

It’s spaghetti bolognese

Please don’t make vomit sounds, you like pasta

Yes the sauce has tomatoes in it

No I didn’t know you hate tomatoes

OK, sorry, I didn’t know you hate cooked tomatoes

Well I don’t remember you telling me that a million times

I do listen to what you say, I just don’t remember everything

I am not a deaf old crone, please don’t be rude

Fine, just have the pasta on its own then

Well, if you are so hungry that you can’t wait then have an apple

Or a piece of bread

Maybe you are thirsty?  Have a glass of water

No, I didn’t know that you hate water

What would you have if you could choose anything in the world right now?

Well if you don’t know then nothing I suggest will appeal will it?

No, that is not true, there is plenty of food in this house

No, I don’t have any chocolate

Or crisps

No you can’t go to MacDonalds

Because dinner is in less than an hour

What do you mean you don’t want any dinner?

I thought you were starving

Please don’t slam the…



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