I’m Back In The Room

My poor neglected blog!

All my blog shaped time holes have been taken up with the PTA Summer Fair which took place on Friday.

Despite many late nights of ranting and wailing – generally along the lines of “Why in God’s name did I agree to this?” and “This is it, never EVER again”, the fair passed off quite smoothly.  I developed an unhealthy obsession with the Met Office app and did a little happy dance when the day dawned with no rain forecast.  British summer time soon put me  in my place by whipping up a small hurricane that sent gazebos flying over the sports field and tombola tickets scattering like a New York  ticker tape parade.

The man blowing up the bouncy castle nodded his head sagely and told me to relax – apparently the wind would die down by the evening (the fair ran from 6 -8 pm) and all would be well.  Something to do with warm air coming off the sea and having a windy battle with cooler air I think.

Turns out he was right and, eventually, the wind did lose some power and we no longer had to hold on to our cowboy hats (it was  a Wild West fair – not a strange Dorset hat obsession).

People came, they spent money, had fun, smiled.  There were no major disasters and all in all I was satisfied.

We were finished and cleared up by 9.30pm and almost immediately, like the hormone-high new mother straight after childbirth, I had forgotten the pain and agony of organising the event and was pondering what theme to try next year.  Somebody stop me?!

Summer Fair 2015 017

The bouncy castle man knew his weather

Summer Fair 2015 056

The teen did a great job running the Panning for Gold game.

Summer Fair 2015 025

A new addition this year – everyone loved the Rodeo Bull

Summer Fair 2015 057

I was SO over excited to have a fire engine on site! Thank you Dorchester Fire Station.

Summer Fair 2015 019

The pupil run stalls were the best – the tween and her friend sold bags of Cowboy Candy.



One thought on “I’m Back In The Room

  1. Gerry Price says:


    Sounds amazing! Much fun had by all – even you!?!?!

    Hope rest of life ok? Imagine you’re on catch up this week.

    All fine here. Lots to do but not too manic.

    Let me know when’s a good time to call

    Much love


    Sent from my iPhone



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