10 Things…

Ten Things a Parent Doesn’t Want to Hear

  1. We are cooking kumquat and lemongrass curry in DT tomorrow – where are my ingredients?
  2. Tomorrow is World Book Day – where is my costume?
  3. I feel sick.
  4. We are having a class cake sale tomorrow, I need to take in a Victoria sponge and 48 sparkly cupcakes.
  5. I left my school shoes in the changing room after PE.
  6. Tomorrow is the deadline for taking in our life size papier mache ancient Egyptian artefacts.
  7. I’m going to be sick.
  8. It’s the Spelling Bee tomorrow.  Can you test me on this list of 1000 words?
  9. Can I have a friend for tea tomorrow? She is allergic to wheat, dairy, onions, a vegan and has a special pen if she goes near a peanut.
  10. I’ve been sick. In your work handbag.

2 thoughts on “10 Things…

  1. Everyone Else is Normal says:

    Loved this! Gave me a wonderful chuckle. Found you via Anya’s Single Mum’s posts. Loved hearing your story too. And was about to select your Sunday lunch post for the Family Life section of Post40Bloggers next week when I realised you’ve only just featured there on holidays!!! Good God, you’re doing very well for a new blogger. Anyway, wanted to say how much i like your blog and writing. Siobhan


    • Dorset Divorcee says:

      I think this is one of my best comments yet, I’m almost tempted to print it out and frame it – so chuffed! Thank you, Siobhan, for such encouraging words and for reading the sapling blog of a newbie.x


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