Hedgehog Happiness


I don’t think wildlife photography is my forte but you get the idea…

When I was out walking the dog yesterday we came across a little hedgehog ambling across the field.  All of a sudden I felt about ten years old again – it was so exciting to see an actual live hedgehog!  After I had got Harry back on his lead (he was heading for a a very prickly mouthful at top speed, I think he thought it was a ball) I crouched down so that I could take some pictures of my new spiky friend.  He was a very amiable chap, although to be fair I don’t know if he was a chap – how do you sex a hedgehog?  It wasn’t wearing a Mrs Tiggywinkle style pinny and mop cap so I’m guessing he was a Mr not a Ms.

Anyway I took some pictures and a bit of video and we carried on walking, feeling full of the joys of nature.  I wondered to myself why I was so pleased to have seen it?  When I was a child hedgehogs were only ever referred to as the subject of a “Not the Nine O Clock News” sketch or filthy things that bring fleas into the garden, so there are no fond childhood memories lurking in the background.  Maybe it is just because they are more creatures of the night, it was a surprise to find one in broad daylight in the middle of a field.

I rushed home and burst through the door to show the teen and the tween my photographic evidence but because it was not being shown to them on a You Tube channel their interest was limited.  I’m think of starting my own You Tube channel where I will upload videos of all the things I want my children to take notice of, my demonstrations of how to make a packed lunch and operate the hoover will go viral and young people all over the world will discover it is cool to do chores…watch this space.

Anyway, this morning my mum came over for coffee.

‘Oh look’

I say

‘at my very lovely picture of this cute hedgehog we saw on our dog walk!’

‘Hope you didn’t get too close’

she says

‘filthy things, full of fleas’.


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