Shiny Nails Day

NailsMaybe it is a Catholic education or maybe it is just the way I am but I generally feel very guilty about the much lauded ‘me time’. I mostly fill my non-working time with something from the long term, never ending to-do list. This is not a moan as it is my choice to do that and I am a happier-being-busy type so, generally, I bumble along quite well. Today, however, I took the morning off and IT WAS LUSH! It was a beautiful sunny day (which helped) and I was able to open the kitchen door to the garden for the first time. I made a proper coffee and telephoned a friend who left me a pointed message last week enquiring if I had actually joined the space programme and gone to live on another planet. Then…I went for a manicure! Not any old manicure but a Shellac manicure in this sumptuous and sexy deep purple colour. It was a glorious hour in my local salon (Pure Salon of Poundbury for local folk) and when I emerged I felt if not like a new person, then definitely like a better version of the person that went in. I had enoyed a rest and a chat and now have the most gorgeous nails that I can’t stop looking at. So, I suppose the lesson that I have learnt today is that I shouldn’t sneer at team me-time and that the all work and no play saying is probably, maybe, just a little bit true. What do you do to treat yourself?


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