Demons Of The Small Hours

???????????????????????Anyone who suffers from sleeping difficulties, either as a matter of course or due to a specific episode in life, will know that the 3.00am demons are the most real and persistent vermin scuttling around inside your head.  Issues that during daylight hours would be processed and dealt with in a reasonably calm and logical manner become huge and insurmountable as you lie dry eyed and wired willing sleep to creep up and carry you away.  As I was doing exactly that last night it occurred to me that maybe this is nature’s pressure valve?  As a single parent we spend our days fighting fires, coping, being mum and dad, good cop and bad cop, going to work, juggling money, planning meals, shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, helping with homework, remembering to put the bins out, tackling DIY jobs around the house  – the list goes on.  100% of head space and energy is spent just living a  normal life.  So, when we are in bed and the whirl of getting through the day has calmed it makes sense that less immediate and practical issues start jumping up and down begging for attention.  Maybe if they didn’t surface at night they would build and build until they exploded in spectacular fashion, probably while you were innocently minding your own business in the fruit and veg aisle at Sainsbury’s.  So, while it is hard to try and rationalize the small hour demons and even harder to banish them, at least I can take some comfort in the knowledge that maybe tonight’s insomnia is Mother Nature’s way of stopping me from swinging my pants around my head whilst singing Rule Britannia to the broccoli and blueberries when I do the weekly shop.


One thought on “Demons Of The Small Hours

  1. sonyacisco says:

    Oh me too! I get to sleep fine then wake in the early hours and my brain gets stuck on thought loops – my solution is to listen to some talk radio, then their words drown out my own internal voice – a bit of woman’s hour or a documentary on photons soon has me nodding back off!


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